Failing and Succeeding

Failing and Succeeding

Failing and succeeding may be common in one. Is this funny?


This is when you do something and have the unexpected outcomes. I mean having negative responce in a mission or whatever you were doing . Failing is also having negative outcomes of your actions. When you fail, you simply get stressed and definately sad.


Succeeding is when you get the expected outcomes or having what you were upto or had planned. In most cases when people succeed they simply be happy. Truly it is good to succeed because there is no stress because of failure. I mean no unsuccessfulness.

Sometimes failure and success can be compared in such a way that:-

1. It is said that when you plan to fail and succeed then you have succeeded to fail. It is quite difficult to understand but to me it is simple because; succeeding is having what you expected and so when you plan to fail then fail, you have succeeded because you have gotten what you wanted or expected.

2. To point number one, pride goes before a fall. Then after planning to fail then fail, you have succeeded as well as you have failed. Simply because succeeding to fail is also success.

A man with wisdom prefers to have more wisdom

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colkib, posted this comment on Aug 18th, 2012

I thought this was going to be impossible. Thanks guys for viewing this article. God bless u all. Triond is really awesome. Please post any comment on this essay. I really need feedbacks.

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